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As an EDM pioneer, Sodick offers a wide range of linear EDM machines. High Speed Milling machines and EBM machines also feature in the Sodick product line up. More than 90% of all machine components including CNC and Linear motor are in-house developed by Sodick to ensure the highest quality.

Die Sinking EDM

The entire Sodick die-sinking EDM range features linear motors. They also incorporate Sodick’s new LP Control, enabling Parasolid files (solid models) to be directly imported into the control. This maximises cutting efficiency, reduces workflow and programming errors.

Precision Wire EDM

The Sodick wire EDM range features linear motors. Using Sodick’s new LP Control, Parasolid files (solid models) can be directly imported into the control. This feature maximises the cutting performance, reduces the wirkflow and eliminates programming errors.

Hole Drilling EDM

Sodick’s K-series range of machines can produce very small wire EDM start holes quickly and efficiently, as well as other small diameter drill holes. The K series line up features K1C, K3HN, K1BL and K3BL, with a wide range of capabilities determined according to the application needs.

Additive Manufacturing

The OPM250E is a fully automatic machine which performs high precision finish machining.

High-speed Milling

All the Sodick high-speed milling range, the “HS series” features linear motors. To compete successfully in today’s global market, manufacturers are looking for milling solutions wich combine very high accuracy with minimum cycle times. The HS Series satisfies the most demanding application requirements.