Sodick Refurbished Millenial AQ35L Keeps Working on and on and on

Sodick machines don’t retire after a long and useful life, they get refurbished and start all over again. Proving the point, Sodick is bringing a reconditioned millenial AQ35L to its stand at MACH.

Completely restored to its original outstanding levels of accuracy and precision by the specialist team of fully qualified technicians at Sodi-Tech EDM, this linear motor die sinker is all ready and waiting to be sold to another engineering shop after its moment in the spotlight at the exhibition.

As MD Peter Capp says; “Sodick users tend to be return customers, so we sometimes take an existing machine in part exchange for a newer or larger model. There is always a tremendous demand for these reconditioned machines, which is why, when we designed our new facility at Warwick we made sure there was plenty of space to carry out the refurbishment work – though it must be said, we don’t need space to store the restored machines, as they are snapped up as soon as they are ready to go.“

At 4200m2 and on a 1.2 hectare site, the new facility, which serves as both Sodick Europe HQ and Sodi-Tech EDM offices, has been built with expansion in mind, incorporating training suites and a large temperature-controlled showroom, as well as the machine refurbishment area.

All the machines refurbished by Sodi-Tech EDM are completely stripped down and returned to their original specification and condition, all items inside the main process tank are replaced, including seal kits, discharge cables, flushing nozzles, diamond guides, conductiivty pieces, etc.  The generators are also stripped – PCBs are all voltage checked and cooling fans replaced, etc. ready to provide further years of productive service after the machines have beed fully approved.

The millenial AQ35L at MACH has a 750 x 550 x 320 mm work tank, a maximum workpiece weight of 550kg and a footprint of 1535 x 2210 x 2395 mm (including supply tank). Even though it is 20 years old, this machine was of course originally fitted as standard with Sodick’s linear motors, ensuring its ongoing accuracy and precision as it keeps working on and on and on.