Sodick machine brings wire EDM in-house at automotive toolmaker

Warwickshire-based 2G Tooling is leveraging the benefits of a Sodick VL400Q from Sodi-Tech EDM to bring in-house previously outsourced wire-erosion capabilities. As well as the savings this strategy has delivered, the investment is also allowing the company to reduce lead times and impart greater control over important business functions such as scheduling and quality.

“We were receiving more and more enquiries for the cutting elements of press tools, such as punches and dies, especially ones capable of the high volumes required in the automotive industry,” explains MD Chris Peters. “Manufacturing punches and dies benefits from the capabilities of EDM, but we were subcontracting this requirement. However, with the ongoing success of the business, we had reached the stage in our development where we could afford to bring wire EDM in-house.”

“We had a series of trials on the machine and could see immediately the quality of the machine’s construction. As a small business I am still relatively hands-on, so I notice these things. I could also see that attention had been given to ease-of-maintenance. Overall, the machine was miles ahead of lower-priced machines on the market, and significantly better than many higher-priced ones too!”

The learning curve for the new Sodick machine proved extremely short, with just half a day training for Mr Peters and three days for one of the company’s apprentices; both programmes were delivered by Sodi-Tech EDM. The apprentice now runs the machine.