Sodick 20% faster on multi-cut moulds at Ryetools

Ryetools has invested in two Sodick SL wire erosion machines, a move that has led to an increase in output of 20% for multi-cut work. In addition, the investment means the company can now accommodate taller workpieces and larger spools of wire.

Ryetools is a market leader in complex plastic injection mould tools up to 4 tonnes capacity, specialising in moulds for the packaging and medical/pharmaceutical industries. These are either high volume applications, such as caps and closures, or high value/precision for medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Extremely satisfied with the performance of his existing Sodick machines and the support of Sodi-Tech EDM, Ryetools did not think about going elsewhere for its new investment.

“We have been so busy lately that all three of our Sodick machines have be to meet the demand for inserts – we produce moulds with up to 96 impressions,” explains MD, Darren Hugill, adding; “However, the difference between the new machines and our older one is vast. For instance, the higher generator power means we can cut thicker parts, faster. I estimate that the new machines are 20% quicker on multi-cut work, while we get an extra 50mm X-axis height with the SLC600G. Furthermore, the automatic wire feed is vastly improved, which along with the use of 20kg wire spools, means we can run for several days unattended.”