Sodick EDM enhances accuracy and control for toolmaker

Synergy (Kent) Ltd has invested in the latest Sodick AD35L, a move that has seen both precision and ease-of-control improve in comparison with the company’s existing die-sink machine.

Synergy has carved out a strong niche fulfilling a range of toolmaking requirements, including creating top and bottom punches for the compaction industry, where punches essentially compress metal powders into products such as magnets. The process relies on the compacting of metal powder in a die through the application of high pressures. Typically, the tools are held in the vertical orientation with the punch tool forming the bottom of the cavity. The powder is then compacted into shape and ejected from the die cavity. The parts tend to need very little additional work for their intended use; making for very cost efficient manufacturing. Importantly, tooling must be designed so that it will withstand the extreme pressure without deforming or bending.

In addition to manufacturing compaction tools, Synergy is also highly successful in the provision of transfer press tools, and the supply of spares and repairs to all types of general press tooling.