Sodick EDMs cut lead-times for turbomachinery instrumentation

Rotadata, world leader in the provision of instrumentation for turbomachinery, has installed a new Sodick AD55L and a refurbished AQ35L EDM machine. The two machines are set to help the company reduce lead-times and gain access to greater turnover without increasing head count.

The ISO9001-approved SME says that its main competitors are the in-house resources of the major turbomachinery manufacturers, and that expanding its EDM capacity was a vital part of maintaining its market advantage.

According to Rotadata, there is no substitute for EDM when it comes to part modifications for thermocouple, pressure tube and UCTS (Uniform Crystal Temperature Sensor) installations. The precision and control needed for the required tolerances is much better controlled by EDM when handling the materials and temperatures associated with turbomachinery projects. For example, extremely close tolerance work is required in preparation for the vacuum furnace brazing of Kiel probes into an NGV leading edge. According to Rotadata, even five-axis machining centres cannot compete.