30% faster wire EDM cycles at March Precision

March Precision Engineering is using its new Sodick VZ300L to achieve 30% faster cycles and better surface finishes.

“We had an older Sodick wire EDM that gave great service over the years, prompting us to buy Sodick again,” explains Managing Director, Mike Vincent. “We were aware that upgrading to a new model would bring a number of technology-related advantages, such as automatic wire feed, which we knew would save time.”

“To be honest, we manage to keep the machine busy without actually promoting the fact that we offer a wire EDM service.  Most of the work for the machine arrives off the back of milling and turning jobs. Moving forward we are looking to change that, letting people know that a new wire EDM is available in the area to help customers with their precision engineering projects.”

“Having wire EDM in-house gives us full control over our manufacturing process and the quality we achieve. It also means we can offer a complete component manufacturing service, whereas some of our competitors have to subcontract their wire EDM requirements.”