Deep rib machining reduced from days to hours with Sodick EDM

RP Technologies, a plastic part prototyping shop based at Kingswinford, is using its new Sodick AD55L to reduce the time taken to produce deep ribs from days to just hours.

The machine has replaced a manual spark eroder for producing the company’s quick-turnaround aluminium tools, 60% of which are destined for the automotive industry and the company is predicting payback on its investment within just two years.

“In the automotive industry there seem to be many parts that demand deep ribs, typically 75-100mm deep or 50mm for a blind rib, which provides a challenge when spark eroding,” says Mr. Mitchell. “When we were reviewing the market for a new EDM, only Sodick could offer a solution that fitted the bill 100% with regard to cutting deep ribs. The AD55L can produce ribs of this type in hours, rather than the days we had to endure previously. As everything is about time compression in our industry, this has proved vital.”

“Some of the components that we produce are also quite large, maybe 300-350mm, with tolerances of 0.02mm for certain features,” says Mr Mitchell. “Fortunately, the Sodick AD55L is ideal for producing these type of moulds. In fact, such is the impact of the new machine that I would anticipate payback on our investment within two years, which I consider fast in comparison with most capital investments of this ilk.”