BK Tooling “Seals the Deal” at MACH for a new Sodick AD35L

Bob Tunks, owner of Hertfordshire-based BK Tooling www.bktooling.co.uk, “sealed the deal” at MACH, for the company’s latest acquisition – a state-of-the-art Sodick AD35L linear motor die sink machine – to ensure BK’s EDM capabilities stay ahead of the game when tackling the intricacies of the latest medical device designs.

As Bob explained, “We pride ourselves in being a “boutique” toolmaker and moulding specialist, focused on meeting the increasingly challenging demands of the low- to medium-volume injection moulding sector.”

“As long ago as last year we had a suspicion that our existing machine, from a different supplier, while adequate, was no longer giving us the competitive edge we were looking for – and when we undertook a joint project with a company which was using Sodick technology, we could immediately see the benefits in terms of speed and quality of finish which they achieved.”

“Of course, we looked at the market and researched the various machines which are available, but £ for £, the Sodick machine is streets ahead of the competition – and MACH provided the perfect opportunity for us to finalise the deal.”