Sodick’s new Additive Manufacturing Machine at MACH 2016

MACH2016 is providing a UK debut for Sodick’s unique combined 3D Printer/Milling centre, plus demonstrations of Sodick’s best-of-breed wire and sink EDM machines.

Seen for the first time in the UK, the new Sodick OPM250E metal 3D printer with integral linear motor drive milling centre, will be demonstrated on the Sodi-Tech stand. This revolutionary machine represents the industry’s first one-step solution for the entire metal 3D printer process and is ideally suited for applications in sectors including aerospace, automotive, defence and pharmaceutical.

Benefiting from the same pedigree, the best-selling Sodick AG60L die-sink machine, which will also be on the stand, features all of Sodick’s latest technological innovations, including linear motor drives to the X, Y and Z axes, and both an electrode wear reduction circuit and a fine finishing circuit to ensure optimum manufacturing efficiency.

Sharing the limelight, the SLC600G is a brand-leader among Sodick’s wire EDM machines, and in addition to linear motor drives to the X, Y and Z axes, includes features such as a full security enclosure and Smart Pulse Wire control with the Smart Pulse Generator – and of course, in common with the AG60L, the SL600G also comes with a 10-year positioning accuracy guarantee – providing Sodick customers with maximum peace of mind.