Sodick Machines Cut Tooling Costs at C&K Extrusions

Tonbridge-based C&K Extrusions is exploiting the advantages offered by Sodick EDM technology having acquired three new machines, placed as a single order: a Sodick SLC600G wire, an AD35L die sink and a K3HN hole-drill EDM. Offering speeds in excess of 50% faster than C&K’s previous EDM capability, these new machines are delivering a substantial reduction in tooling costs for the company’s customers.

The trio was selected following a detailed benchmarking exercise, with Sodick topping the list for a number of reasons, including machine capabilities that allow greater tool design freedom; a user-friendly operating system; and excellent support and training from Sodi-Tech EDM.

“We wanted to impart a wholesale modernisation of our tooling facility for two reasons: to create greater flexibility in tooling manufacture by introducing 24 hour operations, and to drive a substantial reduction in tooling system costs for our customers,” explains managing director, Jack Ciupka.

“The machines are incredibly versatile,” he states. “The SLC600G, for example, offers 6-8-axis capability which creates any number of possibilities from a tool design perspective. This is important because we work with customers from start-ups to blue chip companies, to help design and develop solutions that meet their needs. Whether the challenge is form, fit, function, materials or colour – we can help.”

Mr Ciupka is also impressed with the service offered by Sodi-Tech, stating that C&K Extrusions “receives world class training and sales/spares support. As we progress along the learning curve, so we further increase our capability and machine utilisation,” says Mr Ciupka. “Sodi-Tech have been extraordinarily supportive throughout the process and delivered exactly what they promised.”