Sodick AG40L on course to achieve ROI within 18 months

Sterimedix, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of single use medical devices for ophthalmic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic procedures, has acquired a Sodick AG40L from Sodi-Tech EDM.

This advanced die sink machine has enabled the company to improve the quality of its products and generate significant cost reductions compared with the outsourced operation used previously. These savings put Sterimedix on course to achieve a payback within an impressive 18 months.

The selection of the Sodick machine followed a number of visits to potential suppliers, with each one evaluated against a decision matrix. Largely as a result of its extensive support structure and the assistance given by the company’s applications engineers, Sodi-Tech was identified as the preferred supplier.

One of Sterimedix’ key requirements was that the EDM operation needed to be de-skilled from the operator’s perspective and thanks to the impressive control and programming capabilities of the machine, and Sodi-Tech’s applications expertise and specially designed fixtures, the operator now only has to touch three buttons on the machine to make the process happen.