Seal of approval for Sodick at oil and gas specialist

James Walker Moorflex, manufacturer of high pressure metallic seals for the oil and gas industry, has acquired a new Sodick AG60L die sink EDM to eliminate the cost of subcontracting its spark erosion requirements and promote improved project control for customers. Installed and commissioned by Sodi-Tech EDM, the machine is being used to hold tolerances of ±1 thousandth of an inch (0.025 mm) on complex, critical metal seals.

In the world of sealing technology, James Walker, Moorside and Metaflex are three of the most widely known and respected brand names, with an enviable reputation for quality and reliability. Today, around 115 people work at the company’s Bingley facility.

“Until recently we were outsourcing our die sinking requirements,” explains Manufacturing Manager, Andrew Meredith. “The idea of bringing it in-house was a new direction for James Walker Moorflex as we are predominantly a turning and milling shop. We had an EDM hole drill, a Sodick K1C, which has proved very successful over the years, so we didn’t look any further for a die sinker.”