Sodick in-house EDM for Aerospace specialist Promach 3D

Promach 3D has purchased a new Sodick AG600L LP2WH Premium to bring vital aerospace work in-house – eliminating the cost of subcontracting. Typical workload for the machine includes the manufacture of complex test pieces and the cutting of difficult-to-machine materials while maintaining tight tolerances.

“A lot our work requires complex machining of bespoke components,” says MD, Martin Spooner, “As a result, we needed an EDM machine that not only offered pinpoint accuracy, but which also had controls that are easy to understand and use. Sodick’s AG600L machine met both these demands. It has dovetailed nicely with our current operations and is providing us with extra scope for cutting difficult-to-machine materials accurately.”

“Our new Sodick AG600L has had a significant impact on our operations. Beforehand we would be faced with subcontracting this type of work, or trying to mill it. However, the exotic material, high tooling costs and awkward shapes meant bringing wire EDM in-house made perfect sense. Furthermore, having wire EDM capability of our own can only be good for winning new business.”