Introducing HQ+ Premium Hard Brass Wire

Composition (Cu/Zn): 60/40
Elongation: 1%
Tensile Strength: 1000 N/m2
Diameter tolerance: +0 to -0.002 mm
Circularity: within 0.001 mm

Outstanding straightness
Each spool is tested for curl and torsion. We take pride in the stable automatic wire threading performance of our products.

Stable mechanical properties
Tensile strength, elongation ratio, breaking load, etc. are checked with automatic measuring equipment to ensure consistent quality.

Ultra-smooth surface
We have our own control system using special diamond wire drawing dies and lubricating oil. The HQ+ Wire is extremely smooth and free from roughness, contamination, and scratches.

Other spool types (including HQ brand) are available; please contact Adam or Andy for further information (