Sodick wire EDM for Medical Blade Trials

Birmingham-based Precision Micro Ltd is using its new Sodick AQ600L to manufacture trial batches of blade instruments as part of a potentially significant medical contract. The AQ600L has proved it can produce 275 blades from sheet material in a single cycle.

Although Precision Micro had already been using Sodick technology for 12 years, a bigger machine was required to accommodate the large sheets from which the blades would be produced and the Sodick AQ600L, with its ability to accommodate workpieces measuring up to 1000mm x 650mm, was ideal.

Precision Micro’s CNC wire EDM facility is capable of producing precision, high aspect ratio apertures and features with tolerances of <±5µm that cannot be attained using other metal cutting techniques. Surface finish down to Ra 0.1µm can be achieved, which in many instances eliminates the need for subsequent polishing. The process produces exceptionally precise, parallel sidewalls, allowing stacking when machining multiple parts from sheet material. Taper cuts, free curves and complex shapes can be achieved simply by rotating the axis of the wire before or during the process.