Sodick New EDM Black Diamond Split Guides Last Five Times Longer

Sodick’s claims that its new Black Diamond auto-threading split guides last five times longer than conventional Sapphire split guides have been put to the test by UK customers – and proved to be true.

As well as a greatly extended wear life, the Black Diamond split guides also offer significant advantages for ultra-precise machining applications such as aerospace, electronics and the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, where very fine diameter wire may be used.

EDM machining precision demands that all parts of the system; the machine, its wear parts and its consumables, work optimally together. The new Black Diamond split guides have been designed and produced by Sodick, in-house, to ensure optimum quality control, using premium quality materials, precisely engineered to maximise machine performance and improve productivity while at the same time greatly extending the life of the guides themselves.

In addition to the new Black Diamond guides, Sodick also offers customers a wide range of Sapphire split and standard guides.