Water Filter Service-Life Doubled with Genuine Sodick EDM Consumables

Sodick’s genuine EDM water filters last twice as long as competitive paper membrane filters, due to the incorporation of a polyester membrane into the filter. This makes the SHF-25E the filter-of-choice for engineers who are looking to obtain the optimum performance and finish from their Sodick wire EDMs.

The SHF-25E filter, with its advanced folded membrane, provides a filter surface area of 20m2 and dimensions of 340 mm (external) x 46 mm (internal) x 300 mm (height), has been designed to fit most Sodick wire machines, including those in the AQ, AP, A and AD series.

These Sodick water filters reduce both secondary cutting and wire breakages due to their excellent impurity removal rate and fine dirt-holding capability, resulting in increased cleanliness of the dielectric system. This results in improved surface finish and extends not only the life of the filter, but also the life and the performance of the ion exchange resin.