Hanley upgrades to latest Sodick EDM technology

Following Hanley Precision Tools’ upgrade to the latest Sodick CNC wire and die sink technology, the company reports “a quantum leap” in programming and set-up features, as well as in the machines’ overall performance.

The business has consolidated and optimised its Wire and EDM department as a direct result of the improved speed and efficiency of its new Sodick AG600L and AG60L models. Operations Director, Mark O’Mahoney, explains; “Programming times are at least 50-60% faster due to in-built default features on the Sodick machines. This is particularly useful when using the wire machine as it means we can produce wire programs for the path of a complex shape in a greatly reduced time. On the die sink we have found that we no longer need to pre-rough cut cavity forms, making the process much faster, whilst finishing is now more refined.”

“For instance, we have just produced two tools for an OEM customer, from cradle to grave in four weeks – it simply would not have been possible without the new Sodick machines.”