Zinc wire sales improve thanks to digital promotion

We are delighted to announce that sales of our Sodick zinc wire have risen considerably over the last 10 months, helped largely by our recent digital promotion.

In particular sales of our 0.30dia 20kg Sodick z wire have improved by 68% and sales of our of 0.25 dia coated zinc wire spools increased by 50%.

Sodick z wire provides engineers with an additional speed improvement over traditional brass wire and increases cutting speeds by up to 30%. It also has a higher auto wire feed repeatability meaning that it is a lot safer to run independently overnight. Its tensile strength is greater than that of brass wire; therefore it can withstand more stress before breaking.

Zinc wire is still not as widely known as its brass wire counterpart, so we have been spending the last six months highlighting the benefits of zinc wire and offering our loyal customer base the opportunity to sample it at a discounted rate.

As a company at the forefront of changing technologies, we have been using our monthly e-newsletters to inform our customers of the many advantages to be gained from using zinc wire instead of brass wire. We have frequently updated the Sodi-Tech website with this information and in doing so we have received an increase in enquiries about our zinc wire. Furthermore, we have given away free spools of our zinc wire for clients to sample and have lowered the price Sodick z wire to make it a cost effective option.

If you missed the opportunity to sample our zinc wire and want to learn more about the cutting and accuracy benefits that it can bring, contact our customer service team today by emailing consumables@sodi-techedm.co.uk or calling us on 024 76 511677.