AJM Engineering races ahead to win our Christmas competition

Our recent Christmas prize draw was a great success and attracted entries from across our broad client base. After going through the entries Corsham-based AJM Engineering was randomly selected to win our unforgettable adventure day out.

AJM Engineering brought forward their planned order for an AQ600L Sodick Wire EDM machine and two AG600L Sodick Wire EDM machines in order to be entered into our annual prize draw. After sampling a spool of our zinc coated wire, AJM Engineering decided to also add this to their latest order.

The company specialises in precision engineering, mouldmaking and toolmaking for the oil and gas industry and recently converted all of its EDM machines to the Sodick brand and has experienced a wide range of benefits since.

“Since I switched our entire EDM range to Sodick the company has been able to halve the time it spends on cutting times. Overall Sodick machines offer us greater efficiency and ease of functionality than competitors machines,” says Richard May, owner, AJM Engineering.

Winning the Christmas prize draw came as a very pleasant surprise to Richard who was really happy to see Sodi-Tech EDM giving him something back for all of his support.  The prize comprised of a list of 30 different adventure activities. Richard selected a unique driving experience as his prize, as he is keen driving enthusiast.

“It is not often a supplier gives you something to thank you for your support and very rarely do you receive a prize quite as good as this! I am really looking forward to having a driving experience from Sodi-Tech and look forward to placing further orders with them in the future.”

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