Investing in the future of Sodi-Tech

For the last decade we have been successfully selling and servicing world-class Sodick machines and consumables to companies throughout the UK, employing some of the most experienced and qualified technicians in the industry. Just as our heritage is assured, so is our future as we constantly invest in the next generation of technicians to help build the future of the company

One of the ways we achieve this is to inject new blood into our workforce through apprenticeship programmes. We believe that, when given the chance, young people can be nurtured to become successful technical professionals and first-class engineers, and on-the-job training can be just as beneficial as academic learning.

One young person currently learning his craft through an apprenticeship here at Sodi-Tech is 21-year-old James Hodgetts. He is working with our service team, refurbishing and repairing all models of Sodick EDM machines. James joined us in February after obtaining an HND qualification in networking and computing, and is now studying a level three qualification in electrical engineering. James spends four days a week learning the trade at Sodi-Tech with practical hands-on experience and one day a week at college.

“I have learnt a lot since beginning my apprenticeship at Sodi-Tech. I have always been interested in how things are put together and I often spend time taking things apart in my spare time in order to rebuild them. At Sodi-Tech I am learning not just how their machines are put together but also how to rectify any faults and ensure that a repeat of the fault does not occur. I have always been a practical learner so spending most of my week with Sodi-Tech receiving on-the-job learning is really beneficial.”

James is starting working for Sodi-Tech EDM Ltd 7 months ago and is currently one month into a two-year course. He has the prospect of a full time job with Sodi-Tech as a Service Engineer once he gains his level three qualification. Already he is building up a relationship with our customers and getting to know the dynamics of our machines really well. He has fit right in with our diverse team and as one of our young apprentices is bringing a new dynamic to the business.

“I have been really well looked after since I joined Sodi-Tech on my apprenticeship. Even though I am still a student and learning the trade, I am treated as one of the Sodi-Tech team and as though I am a full time member of staff. I really feel like a valued member of the Sodi-Tech family.”

Having a cohesive and collaborative team is one of our main strengths as a business, and one of the reasons our staff stay with us for many years, which further enhances the expertise within the company. We hope that James will have a long and fruitful career ahead of him with Sodi-Tech.

If you are interested in an apprenticeship scheme with Sodi-Tech or are keen to launch your career in EDM and are looking for trade experience, contact us on 02476 511677.