Zinc Wire Promotion

We are giving you the opportunity to test Sodick’s consumables range for FREE. This month we are giving away 10 spools of 0.25 dia coated Z-Wire worth over £40 per spool.

Simply enter your contact details to be entered into our random draw.

As well as the chance to win a free spool, we are offering this product at a special promotional price with a 12.5% discount.  Please quote the special code SODZ025P53 when ordering. Click here to order quickly and simply.

Why buy Sodick’s Z-Wire? It increases cutting speed by up to 30%. Compared to standard brass wire, it has a higher auto wire feed repeatability, reduced wire breakage during cutting and reduced brass contamination on work piece after cutting. Don’t take our word for it though; read what Solutek Ltd had to say when they recently used our Z-wire.

Solutek is a manufacturer of high quality precision engineered components. The company already uses a Sodick AQ535L Wire EDM. “Sodi-Tech introduced us to Sodick’s Z Wire earlier in the year and we haven’t looked back,” says Ian Parker, MD of Solutek. “By switching to Sodick’s Z Wire we immediately achieved a cutting rate of 3.4mm per minute on standard parameters. Tweaking the parameters slightly, we reliably and consistently achieved 3.9mm per minute with a 10% saving in wire consumption. This is compared to 2.67mm per minute which we achieved with standard brass wire.”

“Solutek achieved 30% more capacity, reduced lead times and increased their competitiveness.”

Try Sodick’s Z-Wire and reap the same rewards as Solutek. Email us now and see if you can be one of our lucky winners this month.

Interested in what the rest of our Sodick consumables range can do for you business? Our sales team is always available to answer your questions – just drop us a quick email on consumables@sodi-techedm.co.uk or ring 02476 511677.