Kannect Precision Services Limited – Hartlepool

Kannect Precision Services Limited – Hartlepool
Interview with Mr Geoff Beddow, Managing Director

Machine AG400L LN2W

Following recent investment in additional milling and turning machines, which was in response to an increase in work load from one of their major customers for compression tools – Hartlepool based Kannect Precision Limited found they had created an un-expected problem for themselves of another kind. The problem was the new machines had now created a ‘bottleneck’ at the wire erosion stage of component manufacture flow.

Managing Director Geoff Beddow explains “ We had run our 2 wire erosion machines for many years and had accepted the cutting speed and throughput they provided us with. When we began to experience increased throughput – the WEDM section could no longer keep pace”.

Kannect pride themselves on their in house capabilities and as such were against using subcontractors to take up the extra wire work, there were concerns about quality, and cost as well as turnaround implication’s to consider if they had taken the subcontractor route.

“We decided to look at what the very latest new wire machine’s were capable of and how if we invested in new equipment it could improve our work flow and solve our problem”

Very quickly Kannect had identified a Sodick AG400L LN2W wire erosion machine as the most effective machine for their needs. “I suppose you don’t realise the advancements that have come into wire erosion machines until you actually take time and look at these latest linear Sodick machines.” Geoff said. “ The Sodick machine has great scope in that it will allow us to ‘grow’ into it – other machines we looked at only had very limited technology and I could see that we would quickly hit the ceiling of these machines ability’s so to speak”